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Polymers + Colourants + Additives

Colourfast, homogeneous, light fast, temperature and migration resistant and of enduring quality - these are essential requirements for the colouring of thermoplastic materials.

Our long-term experience, dedicated employees and extensive laboratory equipment guarantee the highest quality level of Sattler colouring and compounding - of almost all thermoplastic materials, in every technically possible colour and also on a toll manufacturing basis if desired.


Our compounds are always based on high-quality raw materials. Here you have the choice between 100% virgin polymer raw materials or up to 100% secondary polymer raw materials from an upcycling process - so you make a contribution to environmental protection and receive a positive argument for your customer.

We are happy to advise you on the raw materials which exactly meet your technical requirements. This saves time and reducs costs.


Inorganic pigments, organic pigments and powder dyes are the best foundation for high colour accuracy - and thus original components of each Sattler colour formulation.


Different end products - different requirements

We offer you a large number of options to meet your requirements. We are happy to supply you solid-coloured compounds with flame retardancy, laser-specific or germicidal properties. For LED technology applications we develop tailor-made compound formulations.

Your Compound

At the end, you receive your thermoplastics granulates - compounded at the highest level based on defined quality criteria and international standards. Always individual and pinpoint-precise - according to your requirements.

Everything is delivered at the desired date with the delivery reliability of Sattler which you are used to.