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Discover our captivating plastic compounds, tailored to suit your demands.

einfaerbung1-2.gif Colouring

"Mühlheim mixes the "loveliest colours", was surely the nicest compliment a customer paid us.



We increase the value of production remnants, often creating an »economical alternative  to virgin raw material.


lasercompound1-3.gifSattler laser compounds

Marking, engraving or welding? We create »laser-specific compounds tailored with pinpoint-precision to suit your demands.


ul1-2.gifFlame retardants

Click here to see all flame-retardant Sattler »compounds/recompounds  with VDE glow-wire test and/or UL listing.


polygiene2-3.gifPolygiene ® compounds

Antiviral, bactericidal and therefore highly topical - Sattler offers »Polygiene ® compounds in almost all colours and quantities.