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Approaching from Aschaffenburg / Würzburg

If you are approaching from Aschaffenburg / Würzburg (A3), follow the A3 motorway to the Frankfurter Kreuz interchange. Take the exit to B45 towards Hanau.

Cross the first roundabout and head left at the next fork towards Hanau Steinheim and follow the B 45. In Hanau Steinheim, take a left on to the B43 towards Offenbach. Called Offenbacher Landstraße, this road runs parallel to the Main River. Stay on it until you enter Mühlheim am Main’s city limits.

Approaching from Dortmund / Lüdenscheid

Approaching from Dortmund / Lüdenscheid

If you are approaching from Dortmund / Lüdenscheid, follow the A45 motorway towards Hanau / Würzburg to the Hanauer Kreuz interchange. Change lanes and stay on the centre of the five lanes. This takes you on the B43A towards Dieburg. Exit at Hanau Hafen and turn right on to Rodgaustraße towards HU-Stadtmitte / HU-Hafen.

After a few metres, the road bends to the right. Stay on Rodgaustraße, heading towards Offenbach / Mühlheim / Hanau. At the end of Rodgaustraße, take a left at the traffic light on to Auheimer Straße towards Offenbach / Mühlheim / HU-Stadtmitte. At the next traffic light, get in the left lane towards the B43 Offenbach / Innenstadtring / Steinheim / Kesselstadt.

Cross the intersection at the next traffic light, heading straight on towards Autobahn / B45 Dieburg / B43 Offenbach. You will see Hanau’s port on the left. Cross the Main via the Steinheimer Bridge; on the right you will see an S-Bahn stop, or interurban train station. Take a right at the next traffic light on to the B43 towards Offenbach. Follow the B43 – it runs parallel to the Main River – to Mühlheim am Main.

In Mühlheim am Main

Take a left at the first traffic light after you pass the sign showing Mühlheim am Main’s city limits, heading towards LKW Offenbach / Obertshausen / Mü-Lämmerspiel / Gewerbegebiet Süd / Erholungsgebiet. Cross the railway line. The road bends to the right, followed by a sharp left turn, and bends twice right. The Mühlheim sports grounds are on the right. Cross the intersection at the traffic light, continuing straight ahead towards B43 Gewerbegebiet Süd I. Follow Dieselstraße and head towards Offenbach am Main / Stadtmitte at the traffic light at the end of the road. Turn right at the second crossroad on to Carl-Zeiss-Straße. The entrance to the grounds is past the halls on the right.