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Sattler KunststoffWerk
Compounding plus - since 1965

Michael Trapp, Managing Director

"Our product portfolio encompasses virtually every service associated with compounding, colouring and recycling. You simply tell us what you need and we will deliver custom-made Sattler compounds that fit your requirements. This direct dialogue saves time and costs - yours and ours!"

Michael Trapp, Managing Director

Sattler compounds are the solution of choice for customers who have specific demands and/or require small and medium quantities. Applications range from switch ranges to coffee makers and writing instruments or applications in lighting technology. Here you will find pictured examples.

We do everything we can –
committed, flexible and with pinpoint accuracy.

Located in Mühlheim am Main (Germany), Sattler KunststoffWerk has compounded, coloured and recycled plastics for more than 55 years.

We process both virgin and recycled raw materials. Our devotion to total customer satisfaction runs deep, and we leverage a wealth of experience, extraordinary commitment and exacting standards to deliver on time, in the quality our customers expect and deserve.

Compounding with pinpoint precision

All Sattler compounds are coloured with original ingredients; that is, using individual additives and colorants. If a compound’s mechanical properties change during the colouring process – which is a relatively common occurrence – we are thus able to respond readily and effectively.

The finest colours

Colourfast, homogeneous, lightfast, temperature- and migration-resistant, and of enduring quality – we settle for nothing less than premium quality colouring for our thermoplastics granulates.

Original pigments and colourants, always

Precise colouration requires inorganic and organic pigments, and powdered colourants. This is why original ingredients are an integral part of every Sattler colour formulation.

Brand quality – no ifs and buts

Tested, certified, validated – Sattler achieves compounding excellence in accordance with established quality criteria and international standards, and optimum results every time.

Custom plastic compounds

Sattler does all its compounding to the highest level of quality, and tailored with pinpoint precision to the customer‘s specifications for colouring, flame retardant properties and laser-specific capabilities.